Cooking From A to Zest (2008)

Kierstin Buchner (Actor), Jon Manning (Director) | Format: DVD

Cooking is more than just following a recipe. It’s being able to confidently walk into a kitchen, assess what’s there and whip up something delightful and delicious. With that in mind, Cooking From A to Zest is like having your own private in-home instructor teaching you a foundation of techniques and skills. Watch it like a class, learning as you go, or use the main menu to jump directly to the technique or recipe you want. From how to dice an onion like a pro to roasting the perfect chicken to gaining helpful insight from experts at markets and restaurants, host Kierstin Buchner shares tips for both the beginning and more experienced cook.

VOLUME 1 – BUILDING YOUR KITCHEN: Cooking starts with kitchen essentials – such as efficient knife skills, selecting your equipment and stocking your kitchen with staple ingredients.

VOLUME 2 – STOCKS, SOUPS, & SAUCES: Learn the building blocks of delicious stocks and broths, unveil the secret to cream soups and purees, then finish with with five key Foundation sauces.

VOLUME 3 – SALADS, VEGETABLES, POTATOES, PASTA, GRAINS & LEGUMES: Learn to prepare salad dressings with ease, saute, blanch, and grill your way to flavorsome vegetables, and cook the perfect rice and pasta – every time!

VOLUME 4 – EGGS, MEAT, POULTRY & FISH: Discover six classic ways to prepare eggs, then move on to a variety of mouth-watering methods for meat and poultry, including brining, braising and stewing.

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