The ancient art of aromatherapy. Where did it all begin? What is it? and why do we have a tutorial on it. Well, let’s begin with a little bit of the history. The use of essential oils and plants predates written history, but we do know that in ancient civilizations, they were used for ritual and medical purposes, and of course for pleasurable reasons.

A 3,000 year old Egyptian papyrus that had been found contains remedies and recipes for the use of essential oils, resins and planets, many of which are still in use today. Including massage oils, medicines, embalming solutions, skin care products and of course perfume, just to name of few. The oldest surviving book is the “Chinese Yellow Emperor Book of Internal Medicine”, written in 2697 BC, which also contains countless herbal recipes.

In Babylon, they used perfumed mortar to build their temple and in India they used sandalwood. Hypocrites, the Father of Medicine” studied the effects of essential oils, and he believed that a part of a healthy lifestyle, was a daily bath and massage using these oils.

Whether it be the Greeks, who held scents as a treasured item, saying they were gifts from the Gods to the Romans, Aztecs, or the North American Indians, aromatherapy has been a part of our worlds for thousands of years.

Scent affects the way we feel, our emotions, moods and desires, it simulates us or makes us relax. It has even been proven that it can trigger memories. Dr. Love is going to teach you how essential oils and planets, can enhance sensuality, and confidence. She will show you some very easy techniques, that will help you prepare both yours and your partners mind and body for an evening of erotic sensuality.