A modern take on a traditional tale! When Cindy’s father dies, Cindy Ellington (Jeanie Marie) is at the mercy of her nasty stepmother, Trudy, who engineers a hostile takeover of the company that was to have gone to Cindy. Unable to fire her completely, Trudy forces Cindy to work as the night janitor.

Cindy’s stepmother, assisted by her nasty daughter Hortense (Bella Vendetta), has something up in her sleeve and when she approaches the Prince Corporation about buying Ellington Industries, she makes a big mistake. Unknown to her, Joe Prince (Ryan Driller) is a college friend of Cindy’s, and he immediately figures something is up.

Joe reconnects with Cindy and gets himself hired on at Ellington, intending to figure out what happens. Will Trudy and Hortense succeed in destroying Ellington Industries? Or will Cindy meet her Prince who will save the day?


Featured, Romance