The perfect man. He is sweet, considerate, sensitive, selfless, useful, non judgmental and a sexually appealing generous lover. Ha! Better off trying to find bigfoot. Unfortunately for me I live in a world of facts and figures and reality. Reality is, there is no such thing as the perfect man! If somehow one were to exist, I am already married to my career anyhow. So I did what any scientist in advanced robotics would do, using myself as a variable to quench a hypothesis I decided to make one.

My creation L.A.N.C.E (Latest Android Neural Conjecture Experience) was instantly pleasing in esthetics and tone. The first test was conversation mode…

His voice was exactly as I programmed. I was proud, giddy like a child with a new toy.
I could hardly wait to have his sculpted android lips on my hot toes, I skipped three tests on my checklist because I was aroused by the idea of truly not having to worry about what he thought of me or how I looked in a certain light or position. He can not form a unique thought all he knows is what I order him to know. Such power can really go to your head.


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