Romancing the Stove – The Unabridged Guide to Aphrodisiac Foods

by Amy Reiley

The sequel to the critically acclaimed Fork Me, Spoon Me, this spicy cookbook is a manual to romance whether it is in the kitchen or the bedroom. Amy Reiley—master of gastronomy and the leading American authority on sensual foods—defines and demystifies aphrodisiac foods, from the scent of red wine as seduction tool to watermelon doubling as a little blue pill. The simple and satisfying recipes include strawberries and cream buttermilk pancakes, fresh corn soup, lobster pasta in champagne sauce, hot chocolate martinis, and chipotle bacon chocolate chip cookies.

From the sexy cover to the chapter entitled Dictionary of Desire, this is one very cute cookbook. Amy Reiley, a well known authority on aphrodisiac foods, has gathered a gaggle of tummy pleasers from eleven leading chefs. All the recipes promise to light a fire in more than just the oven of the old Wolf Range. From soup (garlic soupe d’amour) to nuts (pistachio affogato), Romancing the Stove is a sensuous romp through the recipes of love and the ingredients of lust. I am not only giving a copy to a special friend for Valentine’s Day, I have begun to take more zinc –the “man’s mineral”!

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