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Dr. Love – Aphrodisiac Cooking Show trailer

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The use of aphrodisiacs dates back thousands of years. References to them can be found in Sumerian cuneiform texts, ancient Egyptian papyri, and inscriptions on ancient Chinese oracle bones. In Mesopotamia, mention of...

Dr. Love – How To Make Sensual Bath Oils trailer

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The ancient art of aromatherapy. Where did it all begin? What is it? and why do we have a tutorial on it. Well, let’s begin with a little bit of the history. The use of essential oils and plants predates written histo...

Dr. Love – Dealing With Holiday Stress trailer

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It’s Christmas time! And your schedule is busier then usual. On top of your normal obligations, you now have to worry about parties, shopping, decorating, cooking or baking, etc. How do you get all these things accomp...

Romantic Montage

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A montage of romance from our original films.

Trailer: Ellington – A Modern Fairy Tale

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A modern take on a traditional tale! When Cindy’s father dies, Cindy Ellington (Jeanie Marie) is at the mercy of her nasty stepmother, Trudy, who engineers a hostile takeover of the company that was to have gone to Ci...


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The perfect man. He is sweet, considerate, sensitive, selfless, useful, non judgmental and a sexually appealing generous lover. Ha! Better off trying to find bigfoot. Unfortunately for me I live in a world of facts an...